The silly season is in full swing with break ups, school functions and parties going on everywhere.  Throw a few birthdays into the mix and it’s all a little crazy at the moment.   Some days it’s no mean feat to get a meal on the table for dinner, but I think it’s important to maintain this little piece of routine during the busy times.  It’s also a great time to catch up as a family.

Christmas-Balls-&-MaggieI spent a lot of time last week doing Christmas cooking including chutneys, relishes, jams, puddings and sweets (for the teachers).  While there was a lot going on, it was pure heaven for me.  I love to spend time in the kitchen like that with bowls, saucepans, ingredients and basically total chaos all around me.  Usually my favourite music is playing away in the background and time just blends from one recipe to the next.  Here’s a photo of my helper Maggie with the Christmas sweets we made for her teacher (Choc Cherry Balls and Apricot Balls).

The biggest success was doing the Christmas pudding in the slow cooker.  It came out perfectly and the beauty of it was that there is no need to stand over a boiling pot for 3 plus hours and keep topping up water.  Another bonus is the kitchen doesn’t heat up – which in the temperatures we have been experiencing is a good thing.  Some recipes will be coming this week.

Here’s the menu plan this week.  Again pretty simple but I’ll be happy to just get dinner on the table every night with so much going on.  The biggest thing going on this week is my little boy Stewart will turn 4 on Saturday (my baby is growing up).  He has requested a Lightning McQueen cake – my biggest birthday cake challenge yet.  Look out for pictures next week.

Monday – Fish (local snapper), chips and salad
Tuesday –Kumara (sweet potato) pasties
Wednesday – Kangaroo Tacos
Thursday – Sweet Corn Fritters
Friday – Risotto (not sure what sort yet but will include mushrooms)
Saturday – whatever Stewart wants (his birthday, his choice)
Sunday – Barbecue
Extras – Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake (Eek!) and more Christmas cooking.

Have a great week!

I’d love to know what your planning this week so please feel free to share your menu plans in the comments section below.

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