School is out and the holidays have begun (well for the kids anyway), so the usual ‘routine’ goes out the window now for 6 weeks or so. The final week of school was a mad frenzy of activity as expected but the kids are looking forward to the break and all the holiday activities.

To cap the week off, my little boy Stewart turned 4 on Saturday. He invited a small group of friends to celebrate at a local park (which we had all to ourselves) and had a great party. The highlight was his ‘Lightning McQueen’ birthday cake, which I must say is my best cake making effort yet. It took many hours to make, battling the humidity the whole way, but the end result was certainly worth it. Here is a picture:

Lightning McQueen Cake

Lightning McQueen Cake

Here’s the menu plan for this week.

Monday – Steve is cooking (a nice surprise)
Tuesday – Baked Salmon
Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognaise
Thursday – Butter Chicken
Friday – Homemade Pizza using Easy Pizza Dough
Saturday – Out at a Christmas Party
Sunday – Barbecue
Extras – Fruit Mince Pies, Fruit Cakes (for grandfathers)

Have a great week!

I’d love to know what your planning this week so please feel free to share your menu plans in the comments section below.

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