The Caravan Show is a bit of an annual sojourn for us and what I really love about things like this is there is always the chance of finding something new, different and/or interesting – a hidden gem.

So what has all this got to do with a toasted sandwich?  Well, apart from all the great vans, tents etc, there are always some interesting products that relate to cooking and food, usually with a ‘camping’ twist on it.  One of the things I found at the last show were some great non-stick cooking liners (reusable, easy to clean, thin) and with them came a packet of ‘toaster bags‘.  I’d never seen these before and the instructions were pretty limited, but once I worked it out, I was hooked.  I’d found my gem!

Essentially, these bags allow you to make toasted sandwiches (and a whole heap of other goodies) in the toaster.  It’s that simple – make your sandwich, put it in the bag, cook it in the toaster and eat.  No messy clean up and no need for any grills or sandwich presses.  The other great thing is that these little beauties are a cinch to clean.  Most of the time I just shake it upside down to get rid of the crumbs, but they can be washed in water or even the dishwasher if necessary.

Needless to say the toaster bags have become a staple in our kitchen and they give a quick and easy option at snack time, lunch time or even breakfast time (sometimes my daughter likes a toasted sandwich for brekkie).

As it turned out, these little bags aren’t always that easy to come by so I set out to find some.  At the same time I figured that there would be others who may find them handy as well.  So now they are available right here at the new TKC Shop.   The shop has been something I’ve been working towards for a while and am excited to bring it to my readers.  Over time I plan to stock a range of products that make life a bit easier when feeding the family, while also injecting a bit of fun.

To find out more about the Toaster Bags (including my video on how to use them) click here.

If you have any favourite toasted sandwich recipes to share, leave them below (I’ve got a giveaway for the best one).  Plus, tell your friends on Facebook (click the icon below) so they can try the toaster bags too!

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