On the weekend I attended a short Japanese cooking course that covered some of the basics including making sushi (the main reason I wanted to attend), tempura cooking and how to cook perfect rice.  Finally I think I may have conquered the art of sushi rolling – something that has alluded me in the past.

Luckily I got to take home all the sushi I’d made (and hadn’t eaten) for the family to try.  For a bit of fun, we decided we’d set up our own Sushi Train (just like the restaurants of the same name) to serve the sushi.  On our recent visit to the Ekka, my son Stewart got a show bag with several different train sets in it.  The ‘steamie’ is our favourite (because it actually blows real steam) and has a couple of flat beds – perfect for serving sushi.  So we set the track up, put some cling wrap on the flat beds, and lunch was served.  Here’s a short video to show you our very own Sushi Train…

Of course I’m now getting endless requests for sushi so we can setup the train again.  Making meal time a little different and entertaining can be a an enjoyable experience for everyone – so give it a try in your home.  Even if you don’t have a Sushi Train, there are plenty of ways to inject some fun into meal time.

Any fun mealtime ideas you’d like to share?  Please leave them below.

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