Toaster Bags

The Easiest (& Cleanest) Way to Make Toasted Sandwiches


Toasted sandwiches are a great snack (or quick, light meal) that are now super easy to make.  Using these Toaster Bags, there is no need to mess around with grills, sandwich presses or any other special equipment.  All you need is a toaster – which is something nearly every kitchen has.

Toaster Bag StepsTo use the toaster bag to make a perfect toasted sandwich, only 4 simple steps are required:

  1. Make your sandwich using fillings of choice (no need to butter the outside of the bread)
  2. Place sandwich into Toaster Bag
  3. Put Toaster Bag into toaster and cook (around 3 minutes should do it)
  4. Serve and enjoy!

To see how easy it is, just watch this video…

So here are some more details for you:

  • Each bag is reusable around 300 times – there are 2 bags per pack
  • No butter, or fats are required to prevent sticking – the bag is non-stick
  • Very quick and easy to clean – usually you only need to shake out the crumbs
  • Can be washed in warm soapy water or the dishwasher
  • Great for making other snacks too including pastries, waffles, pizza, chicken nuggets and more
  • Made from a food safe PTFE (Teflon) coated fiber that can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees C
“Good service and good product, what more could I ask for. Will be ordering some more shortly. Thank you Sam.”  Shane Cathcart – Hilton, South Australia
Toaster Bag Price: $9.95 (2 pack)

Flat rate shipping – $4.00 per order anywhere in Australia.

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