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Hi, and welcome to The Klutzy Cook blog.  Why Klutzy? Because despite my passion and love of cooking, I am extremely accident prone and messy in the kitchen.  At this stage, all fingers are still intact, some just, but that won’t stop me.

I love cooking for my family and friends and have an enormous collection of cookbooks, recipes and food magazines that has been building over the last 20 plus years.  As a result, I’m always trying new recipes and ideas on willing (and sometimes unwilling) participants.  All cooking takes place in my home in Brisbane, Australia where I live with my three great kids (Mitch, Maggie and Stewart) and partner Steve (this is a picture of us).

Stewart, Steve, Sam, Maggie and Mitch (by Mitch, age 6)

Stewart, Steve, Sam, Maggie and Mitch (by Mitch, age 6)

My philosophy on cooking and food is that it should be for fun and enjoyment.  The serious stuff I leave to the professionals and experts.  For me, if what I prepare tastes good and gets eaten it’s a success.

More recently, I have been placing a greater emphasis on preparing food from scratch and minimising the ‘processed’ ingredients and foods in our lives.  My reason for doing this is simple – to give our bodies great ‘inputs’ so that we may enjoy the optimum ‘outputs’ of great health and well being.

People are always asking me about food and recipes and the internet is a great place for sharing it all. Essentially this blog is a way for me to share my cooking, recipes and food experiences of which my family are a very important part.  I am always looking for ways to feed the family real food with a minimum of fuss and maximum results – and that is my philosophy for The Klutzy Cook.

I hope you find some useful information and inspiration for your own family cooking endeavours.  Feel free to comment, ask questions and join in the conversation.  I’m glad you are here 🙂

The Klutzy Cook

(Sam Lewers)

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