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10 Top Tips to Get the Best Results From Your Cookware

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Pots and pans make the kitchen go round right?  But it can be a bit of a minefield trying to get the best out of your cookware at times.  I love the infographic below as it outlines very simply some of the main considerations when it comes to cookware.

One tip I actually didn’t realise is that you can season stainless steel cookware.  Seasoning cast iron pans and woks I’d heard of, but not stainless steel.

I’ve actually tried this (see the video below) and it works brilliantly.   I purchased a great stainless steel frying pan a few years ago but it quickly got relegated to the back of the cupboard because everything stuck.  It was a nightmare to cook things like chicken, steak, eggs and bacon.  But not any more.

Here’s the infographic.

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Have you got any cookware tips you’d like to share?

Sam xx

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