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Home Made Easter Chocolates are a great thing to do with kids.  We make these every year to give away to friends, family and teachers.  It really is so easy to do.

To make the Easter Chocolates you will need a couple of suitable moulds and compound chocolate.  The chocolate can be melted in the microwave, over a bowl of simmering water or using a double boiler.  It is best to use metal spoons to stir the chocolate, and if it is over a stove top, ensure no water comes in contact with the chocolate.  Follow the instructions on the packet for best results (we used Nestle Melts).

Once the chocolate is melted it’s time to have some fun.  There is a heap of simple additions you can mix through the chocolate – rice bubbles, 100?s & 1000?s,  sprinkles, chopped marshmallows, chopped licorice, nuts and coconut.  You can really use your imagination and try all sorts of tidbits here.

If you want to get more adventurous with your Easter Chocolates, try adding flavours and colours.  However, these can’t be the usual cooking liquid flavours and colours as these will ruin the chocolate, much like adding water.  Flavours for chocolate are oil based, while colours are powders.  Usually these will need to be purchased through a specialty supplier, not a regular supermarket (I bought mine online at Inspired By Chocolate).  If you don’t want to go to the trouble of colours and flavours, just stick with the simple additions and you’ll have more than enough variety in your Easter Chocolates.

Once all the melting and mixing is done, pour the chocolate into the moulds, pop in the fridge to set, and you’re done.  If they don’t release from the mould easily, leave them a bit longer.

Another option is to try layering the different colours.  To do this simply pour the first layer in to fill the bottom of the mould, let it set in the fridge, then fill the mould to the top with the second layer.  This looks great and adds even more variety.

Home Made chocolates is a lot of fun and you can be creative as you like.  Just don’t lick the spoon too much or by the end of the session, you’ll be feeling a bit ill (trust me on this)!

And remember, it really is true, they taste better when you’ve made them yourself! Happy Easter.

Have fun making your own Easter Chocolates and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  Plus, tell your friends on Facebook (click the icon below) so they can make some too!

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