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How To Freeze Fruit…The Right Way

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Do you really know how to freeze fruit?  There is a good chance you could be doing it all wrong.  Watch below to discover the right way to freeze fruit.

When To Freeze Fruit

Now that you know how to freeze fruit the right way, here is when you should be doing it.  This will ensure your freezer always has an abundant supply.  Plus, you will save money and minimise waste.

  1.  Fruit is in season
    Shopping with the seasons is always a good idea and particularly when it comes to fruit.  Not only is the quality of the fruit better, it is cheaper.  Most fruits will hit a peak period of supply which can vary from location to location.  So, keep an eye on prices and when they drop, stock up, cut up and freeze.  This will give you a supply for many months ahead at bargain prices.
  2. ‘Seconds’ are available
    With a little hunting around, it can be easy to source out supplies of ‘seconds’.  These are generally fruits that are discoloured, not uniform in shape or not ‘pretty’ enough to be sold  by major supermarkets.  Rather than let them go to waste, they are sold off at a marked down price.  Apart from appearance, there is nothing wrong with the fruit, it just isn’t as pretty.  Some good places to start the hunt for seconds are the local fruit and veg shops, co-ops or markets.  Often they can get access to seconds at a great price.  I often buy bananas and berries this way.
  3. Fruit is overripe or old
    Fruit that is reaching the overripe stage should be frozen before it rots.  This helps to minimise waste while boosting your frozen fruit reserves.  Also, keep an eye out when shopping as often retailers will bag up fruit that is starting to over-ripen and sell it at a discounted rate.

What Fruit To Freeze

Most fruits can be easily frozen.  Here’s a brief guide to the more common fruits:

  • Apples – wash and remove core
  • Bananas – remove peel
  • Berries – wash and dry
  • Cherries – wash and dry
  • Citrus – juice and freeze
  • Grapes – wash and dry
  • Mangoes – remove peel and seed
  • Melons (except watermelon) – remove peel
  • Pineapple – remove peel
  • Stone Fruit – remove peel and seed

Ways To Use Frozen Fruit

Once fruit has been frozen, there is a change in texture.  As a result, frozen fruit is generally not eaten on its own (although there is nothing wrong with doing that if you want).  Here’s a few ways to use it:

  • Smoothies – no need to use ice.  Just throw in frozen fruit.
  • Baking – in particular bananas and berries.
  • Ice Cream – use a high powered food processor or blender.  Blend the frozen fruit on its own and serve up as ice cream.   No need to add anything else.

Now you know how to freeze fruit the right way, what will you freeze and how will you use it?  Please let me know in the comments below.

Sam 🙂

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