Smooth sailing with the Menu Plan #4 from last week. Saturday night in particular was a triumph – the Pavlova was served with a classic fresh fruit topping. I also made a Rocky Road Cheesecake which was fantastic and had all the flavours of Rocky Road – chocolate, coconut, marshmallow, nuts, cherries.

My first attempt at Orange Marmalade was also successful, although it nearly didn’t ‘gel’. The oranges I used didn’t have any seeds so there was little pectin and the mixture wasn’t thickening. Some lemon juice quickly solved the problem. The recipe does need a little more work but I have plenty more oranges from the markets last week to work with.

This week I have a bit of baking planned including a dairy and egg free birthday cake for a little friend of ours.

Monday – Beef Enchiladas
Tuesday – Chicken & Chickpea Bake
Wednesday – Vegetable & Ricotta Cannelloni
Thursday – Beef Casserole
Friday – Fish Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce
Saturday – Nachos with Gaucamole Sauce
Sunday – Barbecue (probably Prawns)
Extras – Strawberry Muffins, Egg & Dairy Free Birthday Cake, Jam Drops, Orange Marmalade #2

Have a great week!

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