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Well I’m back on deck after a lovely week’s holiday on the Gold Coast (last minute change of plans meant we didn’t go to Lennox Head).  It was a great week with lots of swimming, eating and resting involved.  We also enjoyed a day at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, with the highlight being the feeding of the birds at the end of the day.

Burleigh Heads South - the view from our unit

Burleigh Heads South - the view from our unit

To feed the birds, you can pay for a plate (a donation to the sanctuary) which is filled with some sort of mix of honey, water and milk.  Everyone then stands around and waits for the birds (mainly lorikeets) to arrive.  Which when they do, is en masse – quite a sight to behold.

While the boys managed to get a few interested birds quite early, Maggie took a little longer.  In fact about half an hour longer!  It was agonizing to watch – I was willing the birds to land on her plate, or head or anywhere as she stood there patiently waiting for some feathered attention.  Eventually it happened with a little encouragement from one of the staff.  Yay!  And once she had the hang of it, she wanted to stay until the end.

Maggie finally gets some birds

Maggie finally gets some birds

So for a full hour we stayed and fed the birds – although the boys soon grew tired of it all and did their unintentional best to scare the birds to death by running around and just being boys.  Steve was deemed to be the luckiest family member of the day as he was the only one to score a bird poop on him.

After a week of limited cooking and plenty of take away, I’m looking forward to some home cooked food.  Here’s the Menu Plan for the week including some lamb chops. I am so looking forward to these as I haven’t had them for a while and they are from my share of a whole lamb recently purchased with some friends.  Reports are the lamb is great – I also have a couple of roasts frozen.

Monday – Lamb Chops and Potato Salad
Tuesday – Vietnamese Noodles
Wednesday –  Creamy Chicken and Roasted Capsicum Pasta
Thursday – Baked Salmon with Asparagus and Smashed Potatoes
Friday – Kangaroo Tacos
Saturday – Barbecue
Sunday – To be decided

Have a great week!

I’d love to know what your planning this week so please feel free to share your menu plans in the comments section below.

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